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Character Bios

A quick look at some of the original characters I've created for my hack. Sprites created through splicing and Photoshop.

Driven by bitter memories of invasion, he takes back what the Empire has stolen, one ship at a time.
Age: 23 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Wood engraving, solitude, rivers and streams
Dislikes: Authority, losing, meeting new people

Once the leader of a mercenary troop, her bounty soars as her justice leaves writhing soldiers in its wake.
Age: 32 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Hot springs, swimming, telling stories
Dislikes: Cowards, pessimism, conceit

Since losing her license treating wounded protesters, this apothecary dedicates her help to the forgotten.
Age: 26 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Animals, science experiments, gambling
Dislikes: Rules, old men, being wrong

Hounded by his soldier past, he seeks redemption through fatherhood and fighting for those living in fear.
Age: 51 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Cooking, sailing, quality time
Dislikes: Lying, guilt, bootlickers

Eager to learn all she can about the world, she joins her father in adventure, making new friends along the way.
Age: 16 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Tea time, journaling, learning other languages
Dislikes: Pity, bragging, being coddled

His bounty hunting brings glory and wealth to a cluster of impoverished villages abandoned by the Empire.
Age: 40 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Trying local cuisine, playing with kids, home
Dislikes: Government, incompetence, traveling alone

Disgraced by her loss against the Imperial army, she now offers tactical expertise through mercenary work.
Age: 31 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Painting, botany, fletching
Dislikes: Responsibility, taking orders, most clients

As she reunites displaced refugees, her bold defiance of the Empire inspires as often as it worries.
Age: 28 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Reading history, theatre, highlands
Dislikes: Elitists, waste, planning ahead

He deals in rumors and rare artifacts across the Empire, with hopes that they'll reveal who, or what, he really is.
Age: ?? | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Money, magical artifacts, the occult
Dislikes: Confrontation, promises, nostalgia

She defers her dreams of scholarship to work off her family's debt, sure that she can study magic someday.
Age: 21 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Mages, physical fitness, learning
Dislikes: Obligation, greed, depending on others

Killed while defending his city from Imperial invasion, his soul lingers as he harbors the sorrow of loved ones.
Age: 37 | Class: | Attribute:
Likes: Campfires, spices, learning about his past life
Dislikes: Pondering existence, violence, sleep