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CAD Week 4: Sweep and Emboss

I didn't have too much trouble with this week's assignment.

But I had a few questions that I'm hoping to have help addressing:

  1. The root of the spout is surrounded by a thin ring where it connects with the body that I tried to recreate using an emboss, but I realized that I couldn't align the sketch of the new ring with the face that I swept along the sketch that made the spout.
  2. I made a sketch of the opening at top, but I wasn't able to move it vertically so that it was above the body before I made the emboss. In the end, I moved the entire body down (another question: is it even necessary to get the correct height of the emboss relative to the surface?) before making the emboss.

I've been thinking about what I could make for my midterm as well. I'd like to combine it with my midterm project for New Arcade, in which I'm developing a game where you navigate a paper airplane between destinations. I feel like a paper airplane will be too simple a model for a midterm, so I'm considering other assets I can build.