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CAD Final: Raspberry Pi 3B Enclosure with LCD Screen


  • Stress testing is important! Although my measurements for the enclosure technically had enough clearance to allow the two halves to fit into each other, the reality is that the pegs I made were much too thin, and snapped off after I tried putting them on just the first time.
  • The top half of the enclosure didn't finish printing, or at least, didn't finish very cleanly, likely because the side I used as the base wasn't flat. What would be a better way of aligning the two halves on Cura for the most successful print?
  • Feedback: Consider making the top part of the enclosure thinner instead of splitting it half and half, especially because the LCD screen behaves as a sort of enclosure itself.
  • Most components didn't fit particularly well, even after I tried accounting a few extra millimeters – perhaps I would need to account for more clearance, or use a print material that's more flexible (the latter seems out of my control, at least in ITP).
  • There wasn't enough room to easily take the microSD card in and out of the slot. Similarly, the audio jack protruded outside the perimeter case and had to be shoved into its designated opening, and the other ports were misaligned.