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Final Project Ideas

I'm struggling to come up with an idea for the final project, so I've been looking into different kinds of inspiration.

I found these videos of building a Pokeball, but I think it would be interesting to take it a step further and introduce movement, i.e., at the hinge. Of course, just opening it won't mean much if there's nothing to see. While what's actually inside a Pokeball is still up for debate, there's some fun art out there imagining how cozy it must be for Pokemon to live inside them.

The producer of Pokemon Junichi Masuda is quoted as saying, "I think it’s safe to say that it’s very comfortable inside inside of a Pokeball, it’s a very comfortable environment, maybe the equivalent of a high-end suite room in a fancy hotel." So perhaps I can design the inside of the Pokeball accordingly!

I'd like to see how capable Fusion is at creating more organic shapes. It would be fun, for example, to create a sandy beach inside the Pokeball, though that might be beyond the scope of this hardware.

A classmate suggested include a Pokemon inside, too

It might be a bit too ambitious having everything, but perhaps I can borrow an existing model of a Pokemon to help organize the interior.  

Another idea is something like this mechanical pencil, inspired by some of the work we saw by the guest speaker. However, an ordinary pencil wouldn't be so interesting if I can't use it, so I'd like to create something a little more exciting or involved.

Designing the concept of a game controller might be a lot of fun, though, especially considering it from an accessibility perspective.

I think this project would require much more research into shapes that feel comfortable and would actually respond to user accessibility needs. I could frame this work as a potential starting point for further research, perhaps testing out a few different shapes and 3D printing them.

I could start by remodeling an existing controller like the Xbox controller and then look into other possibilities.