Q: How often do you write?

My goal is to write one article a week! But while I always have a bunch of different things I want to write about, I might not have the time (or energy). That said, I'm always down to talk about what I'm reading, watching, playing, and thinking about writing, so please feel free to reach out if you're intrigued! On that note...

Q: How can we get in touch?

You can find me @chairobeta on Twitter, where I'm often sharing updates about the work of local activists. If you're not on Twitter, please feel free to reach out by email at chairoani[at]gmail.com. (As an aside, "chairoani" was the name I had settled on before Chairo+, when I thought I'd be writing exclusively about anime. It was a nice little pun, too, because "ani" is also a reading of the character 兄 for older brother!)

Q: Can I write for Chairo+?

Yes, you can! As I'd like to expand the website and turn it into an active space for discussion and new ideas, I welcome writers with minority backgrounds and experiences to contribute anything to do with anime, manga, video games, or activism and scholarship in Japan. If you have an idea, or if you would just like to brainstorm, let's get in touch!

Q: What else can I do to support?

Have a friend who dives headfirst into Reddit after finishing a great RPG? Know someone interested in learning about activism in Japan? Is there someone in your life who is brown and enjoys anime (or, someone brown who really can't stand anime)? Share an article! Show them this blog! And most of all, talk about your own observations about the confusing intersections of media and identity. If you'd like to become more involved, check out the Support Chairo page!